Things to know about using a smart phone while traveling

What you should note?

The century of advanced technology has come. Whoever you are, wherever you and whatever you are doing, you can’t ignore the fact that technology is always at hand. The mobile technology has conquered the life of many people. Young and old knows how to use a smart phone. You cannot believe even at a very young age like three or four knows how to use their parents’ smart phone. It is because smart phones are too effective and it can be useful to anybody in its own way.

Even to those who are traveling and going out of the country, smart phones are very useful. So, who else does not know how to use a smart phone? And who on Earth do not have a smart phone for his personal use? Everybody has one in their pockets, some even have two or three smart phones and they are all used. Some of them are for personal use, some are for business and some are for office use. It shows that smart phones have conquered all because even students are using one for their personal use.

If you are going to travel, especially in Asian countries like the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam; the use of mobile technology is very high. When it comes to your smart phones, there are some things that you must know, especially, you will be out of the country.

Before you leave your own country, you have to make sure that your Mobile Data is off. You might be wondering and asking why you have to turn off your Mobile Data. The thing is, when you go to other countries, chances are you will be charged for the data that you will use, and you must be aware about that. You changed your region or country, then the currency will change and mobile network policies will also change.

Note when traveling to waterways!

This is just a reminder to any traveler because sometimes because of their excitement, they seem to forget about that. Especially, you are in a tourist spot like the Mekong Delta. Mekong delta tour is a journey to be more people choose to travel to Vietnam. Many people are coming to the Mekong Delta to take photos, shopping, boat riding and eating delicious native delicacies of Vietnam. And everybody would love to take their own photos. The good thing about your smart phones is that, you do not always need to use your Mobile Data because you may connect to WiFi spots and upload your photos online.

mekong delta tour

Another good thing about smart phones is that, when you are travelling, you may use the Maps and GPS so that you will know exactly where you are. Sometimes, some people are wondering if they already reached the place of their destination. With your maps and GPS on, you will know your location.

When you are traveling to Vietnam and would like to visit the Mekong Delta, you may try to buy your SIM card too, and check for the Mobile Data promotions, so that you will enjoy your tour and uploading online about the update on your trip. Smart phones are really smart, that’s what technology can do.

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