Some useful Tips for the beginning Runners

If you can give a piece of advice for the beginning runners, what would you give them?

There are a lot of advices for the beginning runners and most of them are regarding to training and gear. Now, I will consume these tips for your easier recognization.

It is better to run for distance than run for time. Just take it slow down, should not worry about the pace and be patient. You need to plan a properly schedule to run for a month or a quarter. First of all, you have to take around 3 to 5 minutes to warm up. Your goal of distance can increase week by week.

You should remember that your rest days are the training days, too. But recovery after trainning day is the most important step, too. You need to take a day off after 7 days in order to restock the glycogen stores, reduce the fatigue and build strength…

You can join a group of running. There are a lot of benefits to join a group of running. You will have more motivations to run in a running group. The members in group can share their experience to each other as well as show your good and your bad position… However, you should make some solo running, too. You will have more time to focus on yourself including breathing, pace and form. It like the meditative methods of your soul.

You need to create a habit of running, even if it means that you have to go out for a couple minutes every day. There are some motivations to get you lace up and go out for running.

You can build the mileage gradually. Most of runners want to run longer distance. With longer distance, you will gain your fitness, endurance and burn more calories. You can try 4 methods to get stronger and longer including slow down, build gradually, run longer for other week and take a break of walking.

You do not afraid of taking a walk break.You may think that a walk break is not important with your running distance. In fact, walking can build the endurance as well as your strength for your running. Therefore, you should add some breaks of walking to your schedule.

It is very good to have a training logbook. When you begin to run, you should prepare a look book and write down everything regarding to your running routine. After a certain time, you will see the different when you read this logbook. It likes a diary of running.

You should invest to buy the good pair of shoes for running. You can refer the buying guides to choose the best shoe. With normal foot and flat foot, it is quite easy to choose a good shoe. To have good shoes for running arches, you should spend more time to choose. There are some basic buying shoe strategies so that you can prevent to make the same common mistakes.

You should mix some cross trainning courses to increase your running. Sometimes in the schedule, you should add cross training course in order to rehabilitation, injury prevention and improving fitness. Instead of running, you can try cycling, strength training or swimming.

You should set small and achievable goals.The mini goals are very important to make you excited to run. You can set the daily goals, weekly, monthly or even yearly goals. These goals will help the runners to focus on the process as well as get on track.

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