Find Out the Dangerous Things If Not Using Safety Shoes

Labor conditions are the set of possible natural factors, engineering, the social economy is manifested through the tools and means of labor, labor audience, process technology, labor, environment and layout arrangement as well as the interaction of them in relationships with people that create the conditions for people in the labor process action. Labor conditions that affect health and human life. The tools and the means of labor, favorable facilities or caused danger to workers, the workers object also affecting workers are very diverse as electricity, explosives, radioactive. The effects that depend on technological processes, production levels (rudimentary or modern, advanced or backward), the labor market is very diverse, containing many elements of comfort, convenience, or on the contrary very harsh, toxic, are a major impact on the health of workers. That is the reason why you should choose safety shoes or safety boots for working (to watch the best steel toe boots for concrete, the user can refer to click here to know it)

1/ Dangerous Factors Causing Injury for Your Foot If Working Without Safety Shoes

+ Dangerous factors causing injury produced by structure, characterized the process technology of the production lines for the cause, such as: Has the moving structure, coupling, transmission. More, couch machining materials shot out (cutting, grinding, etc). Electric shock. Factors about heat: molten metal, the material by heating, water heaters (metallurgy, production of building materials). Industrial toxins, fluids (acids, etc). Dust (cement production). Explosive hazard, fire, high pressure (production of fireworks, weapons, boilers). Work on high, falling from on high down to (build)

2/ The Cause of The Injury of Working Without Safety Shoes

+ Group of technical causes. The technological process contains dangerous elements, harmful: contains the moving parts, dust, noise. Design, texture is not guaranteed, in accordance with the physiological characteristics of users; poor durability; the lack of signals, signal structures, prevent overload as the safety valve, brake, lighting is not appropriate; noise, vibration, allowing excess. No mechanical, automating the stitching labor-heavy, dangerous. Not done or done incorrectly the technical safety rules as the pressure equipment not be tested before put into in-house analytical, lacking or improper use of personal protection means.

+ Group of causes on management, organization. Organize, sort, work positions difficult. Organization of recruitment, training, assignment, improper education, unsatisfactory. The measures and means of basic safety techniques. Safety measures for the workers themselves. Perform the operation, proper labor posture, proper safety guidelines, avoid the lean posture, the posture can cause injuries to the spine, hernia. Ensure the mobility space, optimal operation, adaptation between man and machine. Ensure the labor conditions of Visual, auditory, tactile and. Ensure proper mentality, avoiding overload, monotony or stress. Implementation of measures for the safe cover . The purpose of safety shoes safely is the way for the danger zone for workers such as high voltage areas, have the details of the motion, places where people can fall down.

3/ Requirements for Safety Shoes

+ The device purpose and structure for prevention is to prevent the impacts bad at due to the breakdown of the manufacturing process causes, prevent, restrict the problem spreading. The problem cause may be due to the overload (in terms of pressure, temperature, voltage) or due to the damaged of random details, elements of the device.

+ Prevented the ill effects, danger caused during the manufacturing process. Do not interfere, unpleasant for the workers. Not affect the labor productivity, the capacity of the device. Shielding equipment classification: Shielding harmful radiation sources. Cover trenches, pits, the Department worked on high. Fixed cover, shielding temporary.

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